Last week we described how our on-chain upgrade did not went as we planned, and ended up corrupting most validators’ nodes. This caused the chain to halt and we decided to start a brand new one to solve all the problems.

Today we are happy to announce that we successfully create a new genesis state that will be used to launch a new Morpheus “Apollo” testnet tomorrow Tuesday June 13th at 08:00 UTC.

The new chain will have id morpheus-apollo-2 and its genesis state has been obtained by running a migration script against the morpheus-apollo-1 state exported at height 1,045,649

What happened and what we are doing next

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, today there was our second on-chain upgrade on the Morpheus “Apollo” testnet.

Even thought our validators’ community was ready, something wrong happened during the upgrade. Due to a badly tested migration script, the chain halted and couldn’t complete the migration properly. Not only this, but the current chain database has been corrupted during the process. We believe this was due to a Cosmos bug that lies in the SDK, since the Regen team experienced something similar during one of their upgrades as well.

The current status sees the chain completely halted and…

Almost one month ago we performed the first Morpheus “Apollo” on-chain upgrade. This was done in order to fix some bugs that we found while testing version v0.16.3 of the Desmos software.

During this time, we saw that no other bugs appeared, and so we decided to focus our efforts in developing new features. For this reason, we are glad to announce that this week we are going to perform the second on-chain upgrade of Morpheus “Apollo”.

Changes 📜

Verify your profile with external applications ✅

One thing we take seriously at Desmos is identity stealing. We have all being subject to malicious users stealing our identity trying to…

What is the BitCanna Cosmos invitational testnet, and why it’s so important for the future of a billions-worthy market

Italian illegal cannabis market is huge. From recent studies, we know that almost 1 Italian out of 10 consumes cannabis regularly. Since this market is completely illegal, it means that every year crime organizations like the mafia earn billions of euros. This is causing our economy to loose around 8 billion of euros per year of missed tax revenues from the legal selling of weed alone.

On a global level, the whole market is valued at 340 billion dollars per year. …

Since we’ve launched Morpheus “Apollo” on April 27th, we’ve seen more than 180 validators joining and more than 656.000 transactions being performed. Thanks to some community members, we’ve also seen that our chain can handle a high traffic without any problem.

During this time, we tried every way to break what we have introduced and we were able to find a security bug that affects our custom Cosmos account implementation: the profile.

Currently, if you create a profile and then perform a failing transaction paying a fee, you will see your balance being constantly depleted of your funds. This is…

Everything you need to know about our incoming first mainnet

At the end of April we successfully launched Morpheus “Apollo”, our last testnet before the incoming mainnet. The start was quite an experience: over 100 validators coming online during a span of 1 hour and 46 minutes for one of the biggest non-incentivized testnet launches in the history of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Since then we’ve discovered some small bugs that were present inside the Desmos version used for the launch, and released new versions of the software that fix them.

Aside from this, we’ve also launched our new BigDipper explorer. …

Last year I started working on Alan.dart, a pure Dart library that allows to create, sign and send transaction to any blockchain of the Cosmos ecosystem. This was possible thanks to the first ICF grant I received, which allowed me to update the library to be compatible with Cosmos v0.39 and add the support for the staking and governance modules.

Lately, however, things have changed radically inside the Cosmos ecosystem. Stargate was released, and with it a lot of new features such as

  • the support for Protobuf;
  • a change in how transactions can be signed;
  • the support for gRPC;
  • and…

The complete guide on how to go through our KYC procedure if you took part to Desmos Primer or the Desmos Validators Program

Last week, on April 26th, we successfully launched our last testnet marking the official end of our Desmos Validators Program. This was the second incentivized program that we ran, and over time has seen more than 580 validator nodes participating and a total of 5.4 million DSM being allocated as possible rewards.

Before that, since our first testnet in January 2020, we also run the Desmos Primer program. This has been participated by more than 170 people and a total of more than 360.000 DSM being allocated as possible rewards.

We’ve been extremely happy with this overall participation in all…

The day has come, it’s time to get ready for launch!

Inside our latest blog post, we highlighted what validators would have to do in order to get ready for Morpheus “Apollo” launch.

Today we’re here to tell you that we have done everything our team had to do and you can start getting ready for the launch that will happen tomorrow, Tuesday April 27th at 13:00 UTC 🚀.

Get the updated genesis file 📜

The first thing you have to do is get the updated genesis file from our testnet repo. This will make sure your node is ready to start when all the others are ready as well.

To do this, you can run the…

What you need to do in order to prepare to run your “Apollo” testnet validator node

The time has come, and the genesis transactions submission process has ended. Now that all genesis validators have submitted their transaction, what will happen next?

Validators survey 📝

The first thing we are going to require to our validators is to submit their answer to this particular Google Form before April 24th 12:00 UTC.

We have created this to make sure that every participant knows that running a node inside this testnet will not be rewarded, as we already have mentioned inside this blog post.

In order to be properly included inside the final genesis file, we need all validators to complete the…

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